Tumble Train Gymnastics

Tumble! Laugh! Grow! Play! Move! Improve!

Located in Warragul, Tumble Train combines fitness, play and 

 gymnastics for kids aged 18 months to 14 years old.

Our preschool and after school recreational programs will have your kids

swinging, leaping and jumping with a smile.

Why Tumble

Kids learn quicker by using their whole body and having FUN.

Tumble Train combines the best of gymnastics, movement and play to help your kids grow, develop and shine!

Tumble Teaching

Share the joy of movement and learning as your kids build safe skills, face challenges, and stimulate their minds in our classes.

Two small children holding onto a yellow bar with their legs dangling


Ages: 18 months – 5 years

Duration: 45 mins

The magic of development begins with movement and play!

KindaGym is a fun way for your kids to gain confidence, enjoy friendships, build coordination, develop strength and learn through movement at their own pace.

Find the perfect tumble tier for you!


$15  – Introductory classes

Join at any time

KindaGym classes


Ages: 6 – 14 years

Duration: 1 hour

Why settle for straight ahead when you can swing and cartwheel into fun!

Our after school classes provide the perfect foundation to further sport and movement development for your kids.

They will learn how to handstand, vault, leap and ninja, all while setting goals and building strength, resilience, balance, patience and teamwork


$20  – Introductory classes

Join at any time

ActiveGym classes

Multiple colours of party balloons floating in the air


Ages: 18 months – 14 years

Duration: various times

Super fun! Super play! 

Tumble parties and holiday program. 

Keep your kids active and engaged as they laugh with friends.

Our Warragul space is full to the brim with equipment and activities to keep your kids entertained!


Adventure Sessions


Tumble Terrain

Your kids will be flipping with excitement when they see our Tumble Space! From trampolines and bars, to Olympic size beams and a 360° swing, to Ninja rigs and more, our Warragul space is full to the brim with equipment to inspire a love of movement and adventure in your kids. 

Tumble Theory

Allow your kids to learn, develop and grow through movement, adventure and FUN. 

Because kids who tumble, thrive!

Tumble Tales

Touch base with Tumble Train

Your child will love being part of our Tumble Tribe. Book in a Tumble taster today! 

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