Why Tumble

Tumble Theory

Because kids who tumble, thrive!

Tumble Train builds kids who believe in themselves enough to take risks, who are confident and resilient, who are open to trying new things, and who are encouraging toward others.

Tumble Origins

Since 2006, Coach Sarah has followed a philosophy that brainy babies are built through movement.This carries children through personal development, helps them to become good learners at school and gives them a love of adventure. At Tumble Train, we invest time to research great activities that can help your kids become the best they can be! 

Based in Warragul, Tumble Train combines the fundamentals of gymnastics with developmental psychology. Learning to handstand or cartwheel IS a fantastic achievement, but the challenge, the triumph and the adventure is what counts! That’s why our class structure is about fostering happy, healthy and resilient children. 

Kids learn quicker by using their whole body and having FUN. The heart and soul of Tumble Train is about giving each child the opportunity to shine, in their own time. 

Our ‘movement educators’ are parents who believe in the mission, who understand early childhood education, and value learning through movement.

Join our Tumble Tribe today!

Join our Tumble Tribe today!

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